Don’t you just love gizmos?

Small Promotional Speakers – Grab Your Client’s Attention

small promotional speakersAs a child I was fascinated by a “cow in a can” that my Aunt gave me as a present. You shook the can and it brayed like a dairy cow. Technology like that was innovative in the 70’s but these days, we have to be a little more creative to catch kids’ attention.

Children these days live in a world surrounded by inventions that we dreamed about seeing one day – like a watch with a TV screen, remote control helicopters and and dolls that talk…

Rather than accept these objects as the norm, I find that most adults are intrigued and wowed by new tech gizmos, like my father and grandfather were by electronic calculators – they were brought up with slide rules and set squares.

So imagine the reaction you’d get gifting what is justifiably the world’s smallest speaker that fits into the palm of your hand and connects to a PC, smartphone, ipod or ipad. It comes with an internal rechargable battery – you simply plug it into a USB slot and charge for 4 hours playback.

These crafty devices are available in red, blue and black and are easily printed with your message so you can be part of that discovery process.

Great if you like:

  • music on the go
  • sharing music
  • tech gizmos