Save the Planet and Look Great!

Stitch up the Planet With Environmental Clothing

An Eco friendly JacketBack in the 80’s when environmentally considerate clothing started to hit the market, consumers were as naive as retailers and it occupied a very small market segment.
Today, we live in an informed society where eco clothing sells in much larger numbers than before – it’s now a considered part of any mainstream outlet’s inventory.

Forget the preconceptions that environmental clothing is doudy and uncool, it’s the exact opposite and kitting out your staff or gifting to clients is regarded as a sign of a responsible company or organisation.

Where recycled or environmentally sustainable materials are used to make fashionable clothing items, we tend to give a big nod of approval. But let consider the second option of making good after the fact – by compensating the environment by planting trees through a carbon offset program.

This is a method we use to help deliver  a range of promotional eco clothing and promotional products that then have a zero carbon footprint.

The Samson Jacket for instance is a swish promotional jacket available in either black or khaki. Included in the unit price is a 10 000 stitch embroider – you won’t pay any set-up costs. Check out how ridiculous this offer is: Samson Jacket