The Promotions Arena

Printed Tote Bags for Trade Shows

photograph of a printed tote bagPromotional Tote Bags are without doubt one of the most effective means of marketing at a trade show or conference – the items you giveaway at your stand will serve their purpose when the recipients return to their desks but for the duration of the show, a portable advertising banner, given en-masse, will spread your word like no other. Continue reading

Instant Desert Appeal

Promotional Water Pouches – a New Invention?

picture or a few colourful promotional water pouchesSometimes I sit at my desk and pluck a promotional product off the shelf to write about. I sit, staring at it’s form, acknowledging it’s function and the value it adds to our lives, from a practical viewpoint and as a marketing aid. Sometimes it takes a few cups of coffee to kick-start the cerebral cortex into bitch-slapping my hippocampus and forming a cohesive argument as to why a promotional mug makes perfect sense for B2B or B2C.

What my inner seahorse has to do with that thought process is beyond me…  Continue reading

Crack, Sack and Back Please!

Printed BackSacks are Back in Black

Did that title get your attention? Sneaky you say, designed to sensationalise his Promotional Bags you say, out of context you say…

Well, perhaps not. Our full printed backsacks are intended to promote your business, organisation or leisure group, and at the same time fill a crack in the bag market. Continue reading

It’s in the Bag, Man.

Branded Tote Bag

photo of  a branded tote bagSometimes we are blinded to reality because it’s just so damned obvious. How often have you heard someone mutter “I can’t see the wood for the trees”? Well, that’s exactly what anyone presenting a stand at a conference or event tends to realise when things are in full swing and it’s all too late. They’ve stocked their table with carefully chosen promotional giveaways to influence and win the attendees’ hearts. And what happens to all those branded items? They’re either stuffed into pockets or into a competitor’s branded tote bag! Continue reading