Lovely Jubbly…Gov

Jamie Oliver Apron – Premium Business Gifts

jamie olivers apron and kitchen glove setThere’s something infectious about Jamie Oliver and the way he’s become a household name in Australia. Who would have thought a kid from Essex with a “bit of a gob’ on him would have prime time TV slots and deals with our supermarkets who sell his produce, not to mention the bookstores flogging his latest cookery books throughout the year.

Like ‘im or ‘ate ‘im, ‘e’s a success! Continue reading

Hipster, NOT Hippie

Get Environmental Clothing Chic

photograph of environmental clothing jacketEnvironmental Clothing always draws a suspicious look when raised. It conjures images of bearded hippies, hugging trees and playing bongo drums – nothing wrong with all of that; I grow a beard occassionally, admire trees and like hitting the drum set – does that make me any lesser or odder than anyone else? Continue reading

Sharp Dressed Man

At last – Van Heusen Corporate Shirts!

picture of an embroidered van heusen shirtThere’s nothing sauver or more statesmanlike than finely made and fitted clothes. They transform our Neanderthal native state into refined modernity (suggest adding a haircut, shave, manicure and oral hygiene into the mix).
It’s not just a case of convincing the inner man or woman of their worth, but refinement promotes confidence in those around you – in the world of business, that’s half the battle! Continue reading

Keep Smiling Sis!

Promotional School and Kids Clothing

children wearing promotional clothing“Keep smiling sis, or dad won’t give us any pocket money”…it’s hard being the children of someone who sells promotional products! Not only do you hardly see your parents because they’re chained to their desks, but you have to muck in and model clothing whenever it suits the powers that be.

And today, Barnaby and Trudy are modelling the highly attractive Kids Velocity Polos! Continue reading

Wardrobe Stress Relief!

Branded Business Shirts

photograph of a businessman wearing a branded shirtA few years back, I scored a job in a paper factory – it was dirty, smelly and at times, dangerous. The latter was a combination of dodging punches from a psychotic workmate and the wet, slippery interior of the building I worked in. It wasn’t an easy job in that respect alone and I would come home reeking of sulpher and goodness knows what, especially after I got splashed with paper pulp. Continue reading

Hat Off to an Old Friend

Promotional Headwear – My Old Partner in Crime

Vale – Archie AKA York

It’s not often one gets a chance to work with family members, I have had that chance on a few occassions; my brother, cousin and mother-in-law. Sometimes it works and at other times, it’s fraught with preconceived ideas and expectations, roles and responsibilities that don’t exist otherwise Continue reading

You mean a T Shirt Madam…?

Selling the Virtues of Promotional T Shirts is Relatively Easy.

picture of a girl wearing a t shirtTake a simple white tee shirt for example and you have one of the most versitile pieces of clothing that should feature in most wardrobes. Not only can you wear one as a standalone item, it also looks good over the top of long sleeve tops with a layered effect on the arms. I have a particular preference for wearing a tee shirt under a collared shirt in winter or with a light sports jacket – try that in the NT! Continue reading

A Summer of Sport is Upon us!

Affordable Sport Sponsorship – Branded Sport “Jersey-Style”

picture of sporting jersey promotional shirtWe all love a little Summer Sport for all it offers. Personally, I like loafing around in front of the TV while my good lady wife gets to deservedly bitch and moan about my antisocial behaviour and the banality of sport (OK, there’s one person who DOESN’T appreciate Summer Sport…).

For others, Cricket can’t come soon enough, albeit tainted with the heartbreaking sadness of Phillip Hughes’ death – one of our good friends who is a mad sports fan posted about the importance of sport in our lives.┬áNice one Chris.
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