The Classic Promotional Item – the Pen!

Mornington Promotional Pen – Budget Friendly

a promotional pen for giveawaysSometimes you just cant beat a classic, and that is certainly the case in the promotional marketing industry. With a look at some of the most important factors that make up the ideal promotional product, Chief Sales Guru Doug lays out why the humble Promotional Pen has become the iconic marketing product, and how it can help to develop and grow your business. Continue reading

Where’s the Humanity?

Promotional Letter Openers – Still in Demand!

picture of promotional letter openerSo, we’ve all moved into the digital age and cast aside our olde fashioned ways using pens and paper. Mail has become so electronically refined and a well organised Inbox sorts your mail upon receipt, helps you prioritise, reminds you when to reply, archives on demand, shares in an instant, retreives photographs and stores them on your desktop etc. Continue reading

For the Perennially Late…

When the going gets tough – Express Product it!

It’s an awful feeling being perennially late. It’s something I dread in my personal and professional life – that desperate clawing at time in the vain hope you’ll halt it’s pace…

Have I been successful in altering the time-space continuum? Of course not! It’s a fruitless endeavour and playing that game only serves to create more stress (on top of the usual buzz needed to function in life). Continue reading