Put a Ring on it!

Promotional Keyrings – Newly Expanded Range

Bang! New for 2015, we’ve been tying our fingers in knots over the Xmas holidays preparing a revised series of webpages full of promotional keyrings.

Why? Well your custom last year persuaded us that imprinted keyrings are going to be popular this year – the feedback we received from you was to offer a bigger, more diverse range…et voila! Continue reading

Going Old School

Promotional Pens – Still Holding Court

In an age where we all dial into the Web using tablets, smart phones and PCs ( I even did it with my TV the other night!) there at first seems a move away from the art of handwriting. Keyboards are ubiquitous in every office and home, and it seems just a little “ordinary” and inefficient to write letters and journals when these days you can dictate into your phone and transfer a transcription to your mailbox to be edited further and printed (still amazing, huh?).

It seems as though we’ve become so smart, yet reliant on digital means and forgotten our previous clever invention – the ballpoint pen…or have we? Continue reading

Write Yourself a Cheque

Unfurl a Promotional Banner Pen and Write Yourself a Cheque

Check out the great branding space on a pen!How daft does that sound? Imagine spending to make money?! Well, if you’re in business, that’s a basic rule you’ll understand but to clubs and organisations, it’s a little strange in concept. After all, where does your funding come from? Who are your sponsors? Do you work in partnership with any businesses, individuals or the public? Continue reading

Show Your Support

Printed Silicone Bracelets

Let’s face it, it’s good to feel part of something, especially when the cause is notable. Even better to express your passion by a physical reminder.

I once worked with a big guy who was “rough as” in just about every aspect. In all the bragging of retribution against people who had done him wrong, tales of violence and downright illegal acts, there was a peculiarly soft and endearing side to the man. Continue reading

Highlight Your Brand

Get Noticed with Promotional Highlighters

If like us. you haven’t gone completely paperless in your office/study/briefcase/car, you’ll be faced with the awful task of making sense of that sea of white in front of you. Well, stress no more because with a printed Triliter, you’ll be able to mark up those sheets and restore order.

Promotional Highlighters are not only highly practical but a wee bit stylish and that helps immensely when considering an effective promotional item. With those two tenets satisfied, let’s move on to the curio value… Continue reading

Inflate Your Brand Today!

Promotional Balloons – an Old Favourite

The old balloon may have been around for decades but it’s a time served favourite if our sales figures are anything to go by.

Year in, year out, we’ve always been faced with the same demand for these highly flexible items. With a range that stretches from minis at 225mm to a whopping 406mm with a 4 colour print option, promotional balloons are one of the most recognised ways to advertise your message en masse, particularly to children. Continue reading

It’s in the Bag, Man.

Branded Tote Bag

photo of  a branded tote bagSometimes we are blinded to reality because it’s just so damned obvious. How often have you heard someone mutter “I can’t see the wood for the trees”? Well, that’s exactly what anyone presenting a stand at a conference or event tends to realise when things are in full swing and it’s all too late. They’ve stocked their table with carefully chosen promotional giveaways to influence and win the attendees’ hearts. And what happens to all those branded items? They’re either stuffed into pockets or into a competitor’s branded tote bag! Continue reading

Giving Promotional Giveaways to Receive

Picture of Promotional Giveaway Plush ToysThat’s exactly what you could be doing at your next trade show or corporate event.

We’re not advocating throwing in the towel and liquidising all your assets into a “pie in the sky” dream of life on a sun kissed island – although that fantasy is appealing…let us see…. Hayman Island, Kangaroo Island, Bribie Island…. Continue reading