Crack, Sack and Back Please!

Printed BackSacks are Back in Black

Did that title get your attention? Sneaky you say, designed to sensationalise his Promotional Bags you say, out of context you say…

Well, perhaps not. Our full printed backsacks are intended to promote your business, organisation or leisure group, and at the same time fill a crack in the bag market. Continue reading

Let it Shine

Branded Gifts Winner – the Solar Sound Speaker

Harnessing the power of the sun to fill your space with sound is an amazing concept, except it’s a modern reality. How good is this product?! Leave it out in the sun, getting thrashed by its harsh rays and it rewards you with Mozart or Billy Idol or Pink. Continue reading

Don’t be Institutionalised

Promotional Slinky Fun to the Rescue

slinkySometimes the trivial and frivolous has a place in business – it’s a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind that institutionalises us. All work and no play makes for Johnny a miserable existence….until Johnny wakes up to the realisation that injecting a little fun into the office/store/shop/workshop has benefits that extend beyond 9-5. Continue reading

The Megadeath2000 Party

USB Hubs to Share the Tech

picture of a branded usb hubWhether we like it or not, we’re all devotees to the wave of Tech that underpins almost everything we do (mental note for weekend; invent Electronic Knitting Needles) and you can hardly sit at your desk, go to a conference, a meeting, a car journey, a LAN MEGADEATH2000 party without finding yourself short of a USB port or two!

Continue reading

It’s the Little Things that Count

Pampering – Logo Products for Home

When I was a boy, my dad worked in an office full of women, perfume and smoke. They also had biscuits which made after-school care in their kitchen bearable.

The lady folk mainly occupied the typing office (I know, but women’s rights hadn’t been invented in country towns in the 70s!). Given that, it was the fairer sex who actually ran the day-to-day business. My dad was in-effect, a pawn in their game and I’m glad to say, history has repeated itself. The Promotion Products office is staffed by energetic, resourceful women who allow our boss to think he’s actually in control……sound familiar to you? Continue reading

Scrub Up Well

Promotional Microfibre Cloths Clean Up

Just as smart phones and tablets are the hottest tech gifts this Xmas, we’re finding that branded promotional Phone Microfibre Cloths are rocking up the business gift charts.

When these first hit the market years ago, they were the perfect solution for dirty spectacles and camera lenses but with new devices flooding the consumer and business market, many with touch/swipe functionality, there is now a definite need for stylish but practical cleaning solutions. Continue reading

Spend to Save

A Promotional Piggy Bank for the Doghouse

Xmas is approaching fast and gift-stress is upon us again!

It’s heartening to think┬áthat your carefully chosen promotional gifts are recognised for the cerebral gymnastics behind their selection. Sure, you’d like your efforts to be appreciated and the clever interplay between your service offering and interlinked gift to go down in corporate history….but the reality is that most people won’t get it. And, if you have to explain a joke, it’s not worth telling in the first place! Continue reading

Hipsters – STOP Here!

Promotional Headphones

picture of headphonesWhether you’re a dedicated Dr Dre follower of fashion or you just plain understand the benefits of branding a high quality promotional item and selective gifting, this is one product you’ll want to keep for yourself!

It’s not selfish and not the first time that, let’s say, there’s been a convenient over-order…. Continue reading