Recognise Greatness!

Corporate Gifts for the Deserving

jamie-oliver-corporate-gift-setMy children love to make gifts and surprise me often – they’re at that age where painting, drawing, folding, gluing and cutting are all novel and important tools for later life. Their enthusiasm is unbridled when a birthday or fathers day comes round, let alone Xmas – quite sweet actually. Continue reading

Put a Name to the Face

Promotional Photoframe – for the Organised Desktop

a promotional photoframeAt last, a promotional product for desk and office that makes perfect sense – a promotional photoframe!

Now you can plan a business gift that not only incorporates your logo but allows the recipient to customise with their own family/pet/loved one/selfie image. Continue reading

Hipster, NOT Hippie

Get Environmental Clothing Chic

photograph of environmental clothing jacketEnvironmental Clothing always draws a suspicious look when raised. It conjures images of bearded hippies, hugging trees and playing bongo drums – nothing wrong with all of that; I grow a beard occassionally, admire trees and like hitting the drum set – does that make me any lesser or odder than anyone else? Continue reading

Salute the Flag Folks!

Australiana Products  – our Hidden Gem

picture of an australian t shirt and a new zealand tee shirtOK, we think we have a traitor in our ranks and the finger of suspicion is firmly pointed at our Sales Supremo, Will – he of the Kiwi persuasion!

Appointed with the job of developing our range of Australiana products, we found this sneaky little one which he slipped under the radar. So, Will went off-topic a bit…or did he? Continue reading

Finding your Niche with Puppy Love

Building Business Relationships with Promotional Products

Taking in some of the cafe culture in Port Melb this weekend, I came across this curious sign which of course isn’t the main reason the vendor went into business. They would have started a cafe for humans like all their competitors but at some stage realised selling tea and coffee alone wasn’t enough and there was a lot to be gained from expanding their offering first to children with Baby Cinos, then pets with Puppy Cinos! Continue reading

Vale the Filofax

Promotional Compendiums, the new Filofax?

picture of a promotional compendium

Do you remember the 80’s? No such thing as a promotional compendium back then – if you were young, hip and organised, you had a Filofax and a brick shaped mobile phone. You also had tall hair and shoulderpads though that’s an aspect many of us wish to bury deep. Music was better back then, as was politics and growth (well, the early part of the decade, not the 17% mortgage  interest part!). Continue reading

‘Tis Better to give than Receive

Premium Business Gifts Consolidate Relationships

picture of jamie oliver wine glassesThis really is a no brainer for seasoned business men and women, the culture of high-end business gifts is well engrained and delivers on its promise.

We have two ranges that satisfy premium and value relationships, and these will help you thank and build connections. In most cases, your clients work for a wage and come times like Christmas, holidays etc, they’re as strapped for cash as we all are…and that’s where a gift that recognises their loyalty to your business or brand comes into its own. Continue reading