Let it Shine

Branded Gifts Winner – the Solar Sound Speaker

Harnessing the power of the sun to fill your space with sound is an amazing concept, except it’s a modern reality. How good is this product?! Leave it out in the sun, getting thrashed by its harsh rays and it rewards you with Mozart or Billy Idol or Pink. Continue reading

B2C H2o!

The Ultimate Luxury – Custom Water!

picture of custom water bottlesSound ridiculous? Of course it is to you and me either at home or at work, but for those running or attending an event whether it’s a conference, sports’ meet, AGM, trade show or fun run, having the ability to advertise directly in the hand of your targets, is incredibly powerful. And you can do this with Custom Water! Continue reading

Keep Smiling Sis!

Promotional School and Kids Clothing

children wearing promotional clothing“Keep smiling sis, or dad won’t give us any pocket money”…it’s hard being the children of someone who sells promotional products! Not only do you hardly see your parents because they’re chained to their desks, but you have to muck in and model clothing whenever it suits the powers that be.

And today, Barnaby and Trudy are modelling the highly attractive Kids Velocity Polos! Continue reading

A Summer of Sport is Upon us!

Affordable Sport Sponsorship – Branded Sport “Jersey-Style”

picture of sporting jersey promotional shirtWe all love a little Summer Sport for all it offers. Personally, I like loafing around in front of the TV while my good lady wife gets to deservedly bitch and moan about my antisocial behaviour and the banality of sport (OK, there’s one person who DOESN’T appreciate Summer Sport…).

For others, Cricket can’t come soon enough, albeit tainted with the heartbreaking sadness of Phillip Hughes’ death – one of our good friends who is a mad sports fan posted about the importance of sport in our lives.¬†Nice one Chris.
Continue reading

A Right Royal Rucksack!

Balmoral Promotional Backpacks – Scotland Anyone?

picture of a Balmoral backpackOnce had a chat with an old boy from Scotland who had breakfast with the Queen at the end of her driveway to the rear of Balmoral. Now, that’s not an everyday occurrence but it goes to show that you’ll never find adventure sitting at home contemplating your navel!

One of the key reasons we espouse our range of embroidered or printed promotional backpacks is because they encourage people to get out and about; afternoons in the park, days at the beach, a wet morning at the museum, evening at the gym Рthe destinations and activity combinations are endless but the result is discovery and self interest. Continue reading

What a year for Sport and Customised Sportswear!

branded-sportswearYou’d have to live in a commune in the Back of Burke to be oblivious to a massive year of sport!

Even while the World Cup raged in Brasil, hundreds of cyclists shot off the line in the Tour de France…and more recently, we had the #Glasgow2014 Commonwealth Games. Then Footy’s back in every code, providing us with very good reasons to get out and be active or upgrade to a new HD TV! Continue reading