Set Your Dress Code

Embroidered Polo Shirts for Stress Reduction

image of a promotional polo shirtHow you dress for work says a lot about you and the existing workplace culture. In one of my former careers, I was a desk-bound clerk in a Gov office. It was an interesting experience observing my colleagues arriving for work in a myriad of differing dress codes. From formal smart-office (tie and open collar) down to tee shirts and everything inbetween, we actually rep-resented a rabble (having so set dress code). Until, that is, endorsed and subsidised embroidered polo shirts were introduced. Continue reading

“I have a dream…”

Promotional Frisbees – Take Flight

image of multicoloured promotional frisbees“I have a dream…” that one day I will break free from the shackles that bind me to this desk and my commitment to a pension fund.” This year I looked at my LinkedIn profile and was saddened by my title – “Sales Manager” (of what, and who cares?!). You’d think that after nearly 50 years of revolving round the sun, I’d have amounted to more than someone who “manages sales”…well, that’s how I feel… Continue reading

Part of Being Human

De-Stress with Anti Stress Toys

picture of a Samford Tennis Club promotional anti stress ballI’ve always regarded stress as a normal and essential part of being human, as though that constant hum in the background is needed to maintain one’s sense of awareness.
We all experience it to some extent – if you didn’t, you’d be dead to the world…. Continue reading

It’s the Little Things that Count

Pampering – Logo Products for Home

When I was a boy, my dad worked in an office full of women, perfume and smoke. They also had biscuits which made after-school care in their kitchen bearable.

The lady folk mainly occupied the typing office (I know, but women’s rights hadn’t been invented in country towns in the 70s!). Given that, it was the fairer sex who actually ran the day-to-day business. My dad was in-effect, a pawn in their game and I’m glad to say, history has repeated itself. The Promotion Products office is staffed by energetic, resourceful women who allow our boss to think he’s actually in control……sound familiar to you? Continue reading