Tinkering is Fun!

Promotional Tools as a Corporate Gift

image of a multi-use promotional toolThere’s a fascination in all of us to tinker and play with all our “toys”. As a boy, I was responsible for taking electrical equipment apart and leaving a wake of broken radios, lamps, cassette decks, turntables, computers and TVs – it was a delightful hobby for me but painful for my family – especially when the “on” button no longer worked! Continue reading

The Megadeath2000 Party

USB Hubs to Share the Tech

picture of a branded usb hubWhether we like it or not, we’re all devotees to the wave of Tech that underpins almost everything we do (mental note for weekend; invent Electronic Knitting Needles) and you can hardly sit at your desk, go to a conference, a meeting, a car journey, a LAN MEGADEATH2000 party without finding yourself short of a USB port or two!

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A Timeless Promotional Classic

Promotional Mouse Pads in the Digital Age

A key to choosing effective promotional items is to consider their use and whether your brand name or logo will get enough “air time” to justify your spend.

Where are you right now? At your desk? Looking at your monitor? Well, that was an easy assumption… Chances are you’ll reach for your mouse and navigate to another page or click this link to our offer on promotional mouse pads. And as you do that, you won’t fail to glimpse your old mouse pad…all tired and tawdry from all that slavish use. How nice would it be to upgrade it to a new mat with a bold, full colour print of your choice? Continue reading

3 in 1 Value!

A Genuinely Useful Promotional Product Offer!

picture of a combined torch bottle opener and keyringThere are times when inspiration comes from the strangest quarters…and in this case it was fumbling around in the dark at a party trying to open a beer bottle in the dark – admittedly not an easy thing as an evening wears on but made all the harder when you can’t find an opener in the fading light. Continue reading

Hipsters – STOP Here!

Promotional Headphones

picture of headphonesWhether you’re a dedicated Dr Dre follower of fashion or you just plain understand the benefits of branding a high quality promotional item and selective gifting, this is one product you’ll want to keep for yourself!

It’s not selfish and not the first time that, let’s say, there’s been a convenient over-order…. Continue reading

How to beat the Credit Crunch

Printed USBs in Credit Card Shape

Although USB sticks are highly brandable, there are times when you want a little extra print flexibility – that’s where Imprinted Card USBs come into their own.

You get all the storage benefits of a USB stick plus massive amounts of branding space, not to mention the “James Bond” curio of its credit card shape! Continue reading