Big Game Changers

Branded USB Promotional Products

picture of usb drives in a lanyardUSB devices are by far one of the biggest game changers in the Promotional Products industry of late. Their cost effective technology has meant savvy business owners and marketers can now buy a really useful piece of modern office kit in large numbers and even brand their logo or message on its’ side. Continue reading

Build IT

Promotional Power Banks for the Organised

picture of a promotional power bank for mobile phones and tablets“Build it and they will come”…no sooner had Sony, Apple and Samsung created a wonderful range of smart phones that have revolutionised the world (literally in some Countries) but the world realised their power-hungry screens drained their batteries pretty quickly. Continue reading

Gen Y Ending her Phonecall: “…OK.”

USB Phone Charger Kit and Caboodle

image of a usb powered phone charger kitSo, your mobile phone is flat again? And you also forgot to charge your Powerbank? And don’t tell me, your charging adaptor is at home and none of your swanky colleagues has an “old, retro” plug for an iPhone 4s? Think you’re alone in this quandry? Not on your Nellie! Continue reading

Start your Promotion With a Bang!

Novelty USB Guns

novelty usb drivesJust when you thought it was safe to order a plain old, straightforward USB drive, it’s time to think again! Those clever clogs out in flash drive land have created yet another quirky  design to inspire promotional campaigns across the globe. This time, a sharp shootin’ son of gun product, designed like a Colt 45. Continue reading

The Megadeath2000 Party

USB Hubs to Share the Tech

picture of a branded usb hubWhether we like it or not, we’re all devotees to the wave of Tech that underpins almost everything we do (mental note for weekend; invent Electronic Knitting Needles) and you can hardly sit at your desk, go to a conference, a meeting, a car journey, a LAN MEGADEATH2000 party without finding yourself short of a USB port or two!

Continue reading

New Promotional USB Drives

USB flash drives have always been a large selling category for us here at Promotion Products.  We have been met with success when offering these to our clients for a number of reasons:

  • Fast delivery – 3 weeks ex China most orders
  • Unlimited print colours at no extra cost
  • 5 year warranty
  • Great customer service
  • Quality Samsung or Hynix brand memory chips
  • Lowest prices in Australia

We don’t like to rest though when we are doing something well though!

Brisbane USB Drives

Our best selling USB drive

We have decided to massively expand our range and will be relaunching this product line this Friday on this new page here: Promotional USB’s

This new relaunch will herald:

  • New budget flexible styles
  • Dozens of new unique styles
  • Faster turnarounds
  • Extended 10 year warranty at no extra cost

So, please bear with us whilst we finish off the new page and be sure to check for Australia’s best value USB’s!