Write Yourself a Cheque

Unfurl a Promotional Banner Pen and Write Yourself a Cheque

Check out the great branding space on a pen!How daft does that sound? Imagine spending to make money?! Well, if you’re in business, that’s a basic rule you’ll understand but to clubs and organisations, it’s a little strange in concept. After all, where does your funding come from? Who are your sponsors? Do you work in partnership with any businesses, individuals or the public?

Whichever way it pans out, the chances are you need to communicate to as many people as possible that this is an arrangement that pays dividends. So, what’s your next move? A leaflet drop, posters in public places, message on your website, email drop?

Those are all great, established ways of communicating success and messages of appeal but to really reach people on a personal level, it’s a good idea to give a little in anticipation of something in return. The tangible medium of a promotional gift that is of certain use, cannot be understated.

Promo Banner Pens are this year’s surprise gift, literally! We guarantee each recipient won’t be able to resist unfurling the banner message to reveal your message – and when it comes to promotional pens, you simply can’t get a bigger branding space than this!

Thank all that have contributed to your or your club’s success by choosing a promotional gift that is of use and clearly gets your message across.