What a year for Sport and Customised Sportswear!

branded-sportswearYou’d have to live in a commune in the Back of Burke to be oblivious to a massive year of sport!

Even while the World Cup raged in Brasil, hundreds of cyclists shot off the line in the Tour de France…and more recently, we had the #Glasgow2014 Commonwealth Games. Then Footy’s back in every code, providing us with very good reasons to get out and be active or upgrade to a new HD TV!
We’d like to think the former is where most people would be on a Sat afternoon, as Nike puts it, gritting their teeth and muttering “Just Do It”.

The reality is that sport is about so much more than actively taking part, it’s about supporting one another and building communities at all levels, whether it be backing a mate, club, state or your country. Regardless of actually digging your heels into the turf or dressing in your team’s colours only to shout your lungs out from the sidelines or the TV…we, as humans love to rekindle our warlike past and do battle!

And, to delineate us from the competition, we wear team colours. At Promotion Products, we’ve learned that dressing your team in unified sports clothing helps to galvanise your troops like none other. And it’s a simple exercise – we have sports apparel to suit just about every need and can brand your team logo or message onto each and every one of them.

Now, just to be silly, we’ll leave you with one of our favourite moments from the Commonwealth Games- Usain Bolt’s warm up dance to the Proclaimers’ “500 Miles…now, tell us that isn’t just pure dead gallus as the Scots would say (that means “really good in normal English!)?