Win-Win with Promotional Stress Balls

picture of promotional stress footy balls It’s not in my nature to be “outraged” or “embattled”. Even when I step in dog mess with bare feet, or misjudge the pillar in the carpark – again, or realise the mail has already left WITHOUT that screamingly urgent parcel….I’m cool and collected, resilient against a propensity to unleish the beast within.
And how do I achieve this Zen like state? Well, my office is full to the brim with promotional stress balls! (what else would you expect in a Promotional Products office?). In times of potential “ARGGGHHHHH!”, I only need reach out in any one direction (usually down where most of them hang out) to grab one of these cunningly designed stress busters and throttle the living daylights out of it…then, as calm is restored I am reminded of the thoughtful giver – their logo reshaping into its true form before my eyes.

And it’s not just me who enjoys peace from this promotional giveaway experience – companies and organisations who invest in these products do so in the knowledge that someone, somewhere will grab their stress ball and become a better, more leveled person.

As a necessary panacea for todays hectic office life, these products enjoy a long shelf life.

And, it’s a win-win for each party.