Write all about it – 2 for 1 offer!

Value Printed Pens

a photo of twist action promotional pensFor a limited time, if you buy 150 Yarra Twist Pens, you’ll get an additional 150 free.

So, how does this work?! How do you get 2 for the price of 1 in this greedy, money grabbing age?

Well, aside from being all round good guys in what is a very hard industry, we’ve found a great supply of classic looking, twist action pens, available in a metalic, quality finish.

Sometimes we just get lucky then pass that good fortune onto our customers!

The Yarra Twist is a European inspired promotional pen with a clear branding surface – when it comes to printing your logo or message, that is where we guild the lily. As we stock our pens at our printing shop, we can process orders extremely quickly.

For prices and more details, follow this link: http://www.promotionproducts.com.au/galleries/Promotional-Pen/Plastic-Pens/Yarra-Twist-Pens/

And don’t forget to get 2 for 1!