One of the most important and effective health messages of modern times in Australia has been the “Slip, Slop, Slap” campaign. Reaching thousands of Australians every year, the vital message that we need to protect ourselves from the sun has never been more important, and this summer we at Promotion Products have just the thing.

These 70mL Hands Free Sunscreen bottles are one of the nations most effective advertising tools – with a simple applicator system, a stunning level of protection and a stylish bottle all make this one of the most impressive items to hit the market in recent years.

Coming with a rating of SPF30+, this sunscreen is of the highest possible quality in an effort to make sure you get the very best when you promote with Promotion Products this summer. These products are now available at heavily discounted prices!


So make sure your clients are safe and sound, with a brand new promotional sunscreen option from Promotion Products!

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