Everyday, our office is a vibrant & bustling environment but after the events of yesterday and early this morning in Sydney, we’re all stunned and silenced by the gravity of what happened. Whether you work or know people who work in one of our cities or have children yourself, you can’t help but be deeply moved and feel nothing but pain for the families of the innocent victims.

Today is not a day for work as such, we’re open of business but won’t be promoting our products on Social Media – perhaps tomorrow but not today…

We stumbled across a hashtag feed of members of the public expressing themselves and they put it quite succinctly:

SingleDallasGuy: My prayers go out to friends & family of the #SydenySiege. Islamic Terrorists are enemies of the world!#Lindt #MartinPlace 2 minutes ago
EmelineRe: Killed hostages identified as lawyer & Lindt cafe manager #sydneysiege #SydneyHostageCrisis #sydneynews#martinplace http://t.co/HJQOddg1zC 2 minutes ago
cjermyn: Feeling for Omani gent in traditional garb enroute to #MartinPlace w flowers remembering #SydneySiege & was spat on. We’re better than that. 3 minutes ago
OfMany_M#MartinPlace is peaceful & sobering this afternoon as 100s of ppl quietly gather calmly

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