A Genuinely Useful Promotional Product Offer!

picture of a combined torch bottle opener and keyringThere are times when inspiration comes from the strangest quarters…and in this case it was fumbling around in the dark at a party trying to open a beer bottle in the dark – admittedly not an easy thing as an evening wears on but made all the harder when you can’t find an opener in the fading light.

Sure, there are macho men who whack their bottle on the edge of tables (NOT to be recommended on the hostess’s new benchtop!) and even those who have cast iron teeth…seen it done and winced with the rest of the observers.

It was such a conundrum that we held a top level Promotion Products board meeting to discuss what we felt was a gaping hole in the market and something we could offer to our customers.

Et Voila…..a combined torch, bottle opener and keyring – you get 3 useful tools in 1.

When you add a highly printable surface to an attractive metal finish in red, silver, blue or gunmetal, you have a very desirable and useful promotional product – they’re great for giving to staff at Xmas time (you can be almost certain they’ll get airtime at parties and be a central discussion point; “oh, that’s a good idea” will resonate around every BBQ in the country, and a fantastic gift to customers that reinforces the importance of your brand in their darkest hour – generally 2am when the beer runs out.



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