I once worked with a phenomenal entrepreneur who said something that has resonated with me for a very long time:

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.

Obviously in the marketing industry this has been a prevalent thought for a long time – it’s how we, as marketers, assess the good our actions have for the company, whether that is on the bottom line, conversion rates, consumer behavior etc. But it is often a subject that is overlooked when it comes to Promotional material.

Rather than treating promotional material as an essential part of a conference or an event, savvy marketers are looking at the impact various products (or combinations of products) are having on real-world sales. Something as simple as switching the customers perception of the brand by putting it on a product they use every day that is of a quality that is a step above the norm has a genuine impact on the consumers purchasing behavior.

Take a comparison between a standard plastic pen and an item like our Eyre Deluxe – where one offers a cheaper feel and less durability, the Eyre has the quality and feel to genuinely promote your brand, rather than detract from it.

So the savvy marketer in this case may get a baseline reading on where their sales are at, introduce the Eyre as a replacement for their current pens and from there assess the increase in sales (or perception) to determine the scope of their positive ROI and be able to show a genuine improvement based on this behaviour. Simple analysis, but being able to show that growth is of the utmost importance – even if you drive your growth by 2-3% by such a simple change, that is 2-3% on top of your other business activities to get you closer to your sales goal. 

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products

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