Australiana Products  – our Hidden Gem

picture of an australian t shirt and a new zealand tee shirtOK, we think we have a traitor in our ranks and the finger of suspicion is firmly pointed at our Sales Supremo, Will – he of the Kiwi persuasion!

Appointed with the job of developing our range of Australiana products, we found this sneaky little one which he slipped under the radar. So, Will went off-topic a bit…or did he?

Actually, after a little group thought and threats to put Will on dishwashing duty for the rest of the month, our resolve has softenend a little. Afterall, he’s illustrated the bond between us in Australia and our nearest neighbours across the ditch. Of course we spar in sport and compete with conviction but we also trade with each other, visit each other and marry each other (Will is a case in point – married to promotion products that is!).

Our Australiana products have some use as gifts within Australia – we collectively treat it all as a bit of a laugh, but their hidden benefit is as outward bound gifts to our partners overseas. In doing so, you need to put your cringe back in your pocket because abroad, our Australian “brand” has never been stronger and the ready-made connection between our flag and our values is yours for the taking, regardless of whether it’s your birthright…or in Will’s case, a good set of coattails to ride into the sunset.

Onya Will, we love ya! 


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