Apples recent domination of the phone and MP3 market has been aptly demonstrated through the massive amount of sales the technological supplier has achieved. Recent studies have suggested as much as 60% of the companies sales are based on products that simply didn’t exist five or six years ago, such as the iPad and the iPhone, and the companies tremendous growth has certainly been seen in wider society with the iPhone quickly becoming the phone of choice for new buyers and the iPad dominating the rapidly growing tablet market. So how can you benefit from this rise in popularity as a organisation?

Luckily, Promotion Products has a solution for those companies savvy enough to recognise these trends and has introduced a line of products specifically manufactured for the “i-Market”. We stock everything from brand new touch screen stylus’, iPad cases, holders, stands and more. But now, Promotion Products is introducing something a little different for the fun and funky organisation:

The brand new iPhone Megaphone Speaker is one of the most popular items here at the office. Made from high quality and durable silicone, this speaker is simple: just slot in your iPhone and away you go! No power or cables needed. With a space for the charger to fit and easily holding the phone either horizontally or vertically, this speaker offers a real boost to your sound and is a crowd favourite!

This product is available on our Factory Direct service, coming direct from China these take longer than locally stocked products (that’s the flip side of paying less!) However, the price savings and the quantity more than make up for it! So get on board and try our all new iPhone Megaphone Speaker!

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