Branded Business Shirts

photograph of a businessman wearing a branded shirtA few years back, I scored a job in a paper factory – it was dirty, smelly and at times, dangerous. The latter was a combination of dodging punches from a psychotic workmate and the wet, slippery interior of the building I worked in. It wasn’t an easy job in that respect alone and I would come home reeking of sulpher and goodness knows what, especially after I got splashed with paper pulp.Heavily unionised, the pay was good and some of the perks were real bonuses. One such perk was work clothes – not the most fashionable blue collared shirts and pants, and the boots were dog-ugly too. The fact was though, I knew exactly what I was going to wear to work each day!

How much time do you spend pulling out shirts, pants, ties, shoes, socks and caught in a dilema of what goes with your outfit? In a paper mill, you wear the same blue clothes every day of the year.

Branded Business Shirts are a similar stress-relief product in that the choice is already made for you. All you have to do is give them a quick iron (or ir you’re REALLY lazy, lay them flat under your mattress the night before….or spray with water and lavender oil and put straight on) and you’re one step nearer to getting out the door!

The official line is that branded business shirts give your staff a unified look and team mentality – that was certainly true in a paper mill environment and applies to retail, sales and other service industries.

The real benefit to staff though is knowing that this goes with that, everyday!

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