Branded Gifts Winner – the Solar Sound Speaker

Harnessing the power of the sun to fill your space with sound is an amazing concept, except it’s a modern reality. How good is this product?! Leave it out in the sun, getting thrashed by its harsh rays and it rewards you with Mozart or Billy Idol or Pink.

When it comes to gadgets, I love my tech, as will swathes of the Australian community. You can see this anytime you walk through a shopping centre or visit a mate’s house with the almost obligatory gentlemans’ retreat. Not so mobile? Take a peek at the nearest man’s desk in your office and firstly, I’ll guarantee it’s not as tidy as his female colleagues but you’ll find at least one tech gadget.

It’s all very well considering a branded gift that appeals to a large section of our society but its further appeal is its portability and self-charging via the sun (or a bright day). This means your recipient can take their music or talk radio virtually anywhere  – fishing, beach, camping, walking – all the usual places you attempt to “get away from it all” but fail miserably!

Let’s not forget the branding opportunity here too. The solar sound speaker comes with it’s own durable case which can be printed with a logo or message. As they say on commercial radio “let the good times roll” and you can be part of that fun.       



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