“Maximising the consumers experience on multiple levels should be on the top of marketers’ to do lists in 2014, according to the global brand experience agency Jack Morton.”

This is the first line of a persuasive article written for Marketing Mag recently, which can be found here.

The article goes on to outline five main points that brands can focus on in the new year to help develop their own brand awareness and judgement, including:

  1. Having relevant retail offerings
  2. Appointing a brand management custodian
  3. Analyzing all user experiences, not just those online
  4. Develop and implement user experience content marketing
  5. Developing, analyzing and using big data

Brands are becoming more and more the point of difference between product offerings. With the market slowly becoming more competitive in almost every category, the influence and equity your brand carries can be the single most important part of your business.

According to Interbrand, the number one brand in terms of brand value in the world is currently Apple, with close to 98,000 million dollars in brand value. Apple, primarily known for it’s computers and smartphones, two of the most competitive markets in the world.

Thus, you must have a strong brand image to compete and succeed.

Promotion Products is here to help. We specialise in developing brand solutions through our products to ensure that you can grow and sustain your brand equity at events and conferences, as well as providing you with high quality gifts for those suppliers and staff who deserve a personal touch.

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