Building Business Relationships with Promotional Products

Taking in some of the cafe culture in Port Melb this weekend, I came across this curious sign which of course isn’t the main reason the vendor went into business. They would have started a cafe for humans like all their competitors but at some stage realised selling tea and coffee alone wasn’t enough and there was a lot to be gained from expanding their offering first to children with Baby Cinos, then pets with Puppy Cinos!Picture of a sign for a puppy cino in Port melbourneSmart thinking because they rightly figured out the lifestyles of their patrons and in this particular part of town, couples without children but dogs in tow. The simple thinking is that if you take care of the little things, the big stuff follows – and the patrons’ plates were piled high, glasses full of vino, smiles on faces, tails wagging etc.

We find the same in the world of Promotional Products….when we go the extra mile (part of our charter actually!) to make customers feel heard and valued, we strengthen our relationship, and that then works well both ways.