Celebrate Recreation Day with James Harvest Premium Shirts

promotional shirt pictureIf you’re lucky enough to live in Northern Tasmania, you’ll have enjoyed Recreation Day on Monday as compensation for the South’s Regatta Day. And why not? You guys work as hard as the rest of us…well almost as hard as Victorians with their further day of rest for a horse race.These rostered days off are for the majority, we still rely of a large army of essential services to keep manning our fire stations, hospitals, transport, leisure, hospitality and retail stores. Underpaid (except for Firemen and women…well, c’mon, educate me otherwise!) and overworked, it’s hard to motivate staff while the rest of the community is swanning around sipping Lattes down the park or beach.

So, how do you charge up your people when your budget says there’s nothing to chuck in the pot and there’s no flexibility in the roster?

The only option left is to help them recognise their strength and uniqueness in unity; that they’re a team, an efficient unit who know their craft, deploy it with precision and enjoy the rewards of hard work. Sound impossible? Well, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Uniformed police, emergency services, medics and military wear their identifiable clothing to help them stand out from the crowd but their togs also help delinieate them within their profession into smaller working groups, communities if you like. And there is a pride and satisfaction in belonging to and working alongside similarly dressed and motivated people.

How difficult is it to achieve this? Not particularly hard it would seem. The choice now of promotional clothing with many embroidery and print options gives you as an employer, the flexibility to choose and brand a range of clothing, the most obvious and flexible being promotional shirts like the James Harvest Premium Shirts – collared, long or short sleeved, open necked, buttoned zipped, in a range of fabrics and colours to match your company’s style.

You can take a negative and turn it into a positive…and it all starts with the shirt on your back.