Corporate Gifts for the Deserving

jamie-oliver-corporate-gift-setMy children love to make gifts and surprise me often – they’re at that age where painting, drawing, folding, gluing and cutting are all novel and important tools for later life. Their enthusiasm is unbridled when a birthday or fathers day comes round, let alone Xmas – quite sweet actually.

But how does that really relate to adult life and work in particular? Well it comes down to two things; giving and receiving, and how both are equally rewarding (OK, I’m a selfish man and like getting toys myself!).

While it’s fun to receive gifts of any nature, especially a surprise gift, it’s ultimately more rewarding to give. The process of planning, choosing and gifting draws on many different facets of being human. No, seriously!

When to Give

Promotional corporate gifts cover a wide gambit of items and there are, equally, so many opportunities to give. Aside from the obvious holidays and festivals we, as a community enjoy, there are anniversary dates like birthdays, leaving functions and milestone dates like 10 year anniversaries etc.

But the most clever use of a branded corporate gift is in recognition of special performance in the workplace or in a sports/lifestyle environment. Catching people when they have realised a personal or team best is a great time to gift!