De-Stress with Anti Stress Toys

picture of a Samford Tennis Club promotional anti stress ballI’ve always regarded stress as a normal and essential part of being human, as though that constant hum in the background is needed to maintain one’s sense of awareness.
We all experience it to some extent – if you didn’t, you’d be dead to the world….

But it’s how you manage that stress that matters. In a recent conversation with a colleague, she revealed how she had been invoived in a car accident and hit her head on the windscreen – in fact, she’s just back at her desk after 5 months absence. The physical scars have healed but she is left with feelings of anxiety and vulnerability – two indicators of stress if ever there were.

She exercises often to help deal with this burden and reports it aids her disposition. There are times though when she can’t get to the treadmill, nor find a set of kettlebells to sling above her head…and that’s where her anti stress toy comes in. It’s small, fits in her pocket and can be used discretely. Lets face it though, it matters little whether her foam anti stress toy resembles the dog that pulled out infront of her car or the surgeon who botched her operation….it’s the thought process as she pummels it with her bare hands!

It may sound trite and shallow to use an effigy or placeholder object to exact retribution….but it’s been a feature of our lives from the first cavedwellers who fashioned toys from wood or clay.

So, that given, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to 2016 where mass produced anti stress toys are again all the rage, helping to curbing wild thoughts and vengeful actions.

Our range are all easily printed with your logo or rage-reducing message, so go on, release your inner human.

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