How can you help your company grow without costing you the earth? Have a look at our new Silicon Wristband! Nick Letts explains:

With many startup companies or organisations with a low budget for marketing and advertising, there are a few channels that you can take full advantage of in an effort to help develop your business. Obviously, the latest trends are to go online and spend your time developing a powerful web presence through social media or email marketing.

On the other hand, traditional approaches such as television, radio or pamphlet marketing has escalated in cost, and have become an nonviable option for those companies who simply cannot afford to spend big dollars on this kind of advertising. Fortunately, there is a compromise that allows you as a company to save money while still providing your target market with a physical product.

Silicone Band

Promotional Wrist Bands

A promotional wrist band may sound like a standard choice to many, but recently, thanks to new developments in the manufacturing technology used to create these logo items, the price has dropped steeply. This has allowed us to bring you these products at a much lower price point than ever before.

Some of the benefits of using a wrist band as a promotional tool are simple – constant brand association, looks and quality. Every time your target audience wears this wristband, they will recognise and register your brand name or logo, bringing it to the forefront of their mind.

Thanks to the much lower price point, smaller organisations can now afford to develop their marketing into a multi-strand approach, ideal to maximise brand awareness and knowledge of what your organisation stands for. With increased brand awareness comes higher interest, generally resulting in an increased level of sales.

So have a look at our Promotional Wrist Bands, and let us help your company to grow.

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Manager

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