It might be time to upgrade that old logo according to leading Marketing experts.

With many recent developments occurring in the graphic design and art world, new techniques and styles have recently come to light to help develop a new wave of logos that look brighter, are more engaging and much more memorable than ever before.

Global giant Yahoo, the same company who recently paid over a billion dollars for the blogging website Tumblr, have announced a month long rollout of a new logo every day in order to gauge the audiences reaction and help to keep up to date with it’s target demographic.

In a recent interview, the CEO of the renowned art shop 99Designs, Patrick Llewellyn, recently commented that in his opinion it was truly vital to keep your logo up to date and in style. “A logo is your businesses public face” he argues: “If it doesn’t represent your core values as a business, it’s time for a change”. As most companies are aiming to stay relevant in todays rapidly developing technological age, this means having a good hard look at your current logo is vital.

According to Llewellyn, there a five main indicators that might spell out if your company needs a new logo:

  1. Your logo doesnt represent your current business. Business change over time, and may start to market a wider range of products or services. Make sure your logo shows what you do at the time.
  2. Your Logo doesnt adapt well to modern media. While long-winded logos and brands may look good emblazoned on a shopfront, this does not mean it’s going to translate over to your social media or website. This may mean it’s time for a shortened logo, or a completely new one!
  3. Your logo was a do-it-yourself project. If this logo was your design, or one done by a family member or friend, it might be time for a professional to step in. If you’re not receiving compliments on the design, then it’s probably time for a change.
  4. Your logo isn’t as appealing as your competitions. If your logo looks dull and flat next to the oppositions, it’s definitely time for a change.
  5. Your Logo is too complex. One can look at the recent changes from Windows to see that techniques such as dropshadows and gradients are no longer the in thing, and simple, appealing designs are what will help take your company to the top.

The old and new Windows Logo

Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Manager

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