Embroidered Polo Shirts for Stress Reduction

image of a promotional polo shirtHow you dress for work says a lot about you and the existing workplace culture. In one of my former careers, I was a desk-bound clerk in a Gov office. It was an interesting experience observing my colleagues arriving for work in a myriad of differing dress codes. From formal smart-office (tie and open collar) down to tee shirts and everything inbetween, we actually rep-resented a rabble (having so set dress code). Until, that is, endorsed and subsidised embroidered polo shirts were introduced.

The problem you see for most of us was in decieding what to wear for work…the cause of much consternation the night before. But in an instant, we all had a designated “uniform” that clearly identified us all as members of a Division with no obvious superiority. Part of the pack, we no longer suffered any stress in being over or under dressed and being judged accordingly. We were there to work with one less stress.

And our clients at Promotion Products report the same experience across Australian workplaces – smart, semi-smart/casual clothing like embroidered polo shirts actually break down barriers associated with rank and position – for the most, it’s a good thing – we all know who our bosses are at work. The fact they wear the same clothing shows they identify with you and share your workload.


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