Fit for Purpose – Promotional Clothing

picture of a man wearing a promotional jacketThere’s a seminal moment when people join forces and create something together; whether that’s a product or a service. The fact we conspire to do things as groups is a amazing feat of communication and shared vision.

This last weekend, my wife and I ordered a few meters of soil and mulch, a dozen rose bushes and then reinstated an old water fountain we’d had kicking around the backyard for years. A disused piece of grassless scrub now has an 8 x 4 metre garden bed repleat with water fountain and sitting area for two smug gardeners. OK, we spent some money but there was nothing there beforehand and we now have an attractive feature we created together.

Our momento is the view from our kitchen window but how do you celebrate the trials an tribulations in your workplace? Do you splash out on a box of Krispy Kremes? Do you take your boys and girls out to dinner? Those are nice ways to reward but have little lasting memory.

Corporate gifts on the other hand are a way to either reward or reinforce that experience.

We know of several companies who kit their staff out in branded clothing. One takes their staff to the snow each September and gifts them a garment embroidered with their latest team message – this year it was “XXX YYYYY – 2015 Ski Expedition” on a series of Jackets and Beanies. There was no “expedition” unless you find softroading to Mt Baw Baw challenging and staying in a 5 start lodge difficult…but at least the staff memebers can bend the truth a little.
And that was the company’s way of making something out of nothing – good service and targets met were rewarded with a fabricated expedition with souvenir promotional clothing.