Get Your Figures in Order with a Promotional Calculator!

picture of a promotional calculatorHow many times in the last year have you needed to use a calculator? Chances are that like our office straw-poll, many times! In a busy commercial environment, we all have need to tote up figures, subract, divide & multiply.

A now “vintage” Casio fx81″!

And further back, we all remember our first calulator in school. In my case it was a Casio fx81 which was a very fine instrument, complete with “scientific” functions that I only ever used in Uni. Regardless, it was an entry to adulthood, having a swish calulating machine that made Maths easy and Physics a breeze. I’ve forgotten most of those numerical manoeuvres and the reasons behind them, but I can still type “8008L355” and make myself laugh – boys, huh?

The benefits of choosing promotional calculators as branding tools are many but in principal, you are selecting a practical office tool that people have strong, positive childhood connections to. Even if only to write banal messages…