Getting the Hang of Corporate iPad Stands

picture of a corporate iPAD stand for promotional purposesWell, haven’t we arrived?! NOT only do we have at our disposal fantastic digtal tablets but we have now graduated onto promotional corporate ipad stands replete with attractive branding and courtesy of our generous and clever boss-cocky, a killer 2 for 1 price deal!

Of course it could be a mid-40s age related thing but I can’t help but think back to my early days working as a trainee in an office. Comunication then was fairly basic but I do remember the innovation of Fax machines sweeping the corporate world and the occasion that an international fax arrived from The Netherlands… the secretary nearly
had a fit with all the excitement!

We all stared at this drawing an overseas customer had drawn only seconds before. One of the engineers then drew the solution on a photocopied version and sent it straight back to them – in all, it took around 5 minutes….and that was pretty amazing, considering the alternative was a 24 hour flight plus local delivery!

And, I imagine that in another 30 years, I’ll be shaking my head in amazement as my Dad used to, completely and utterly confounded by the space-age innovations that my children will use on a daily basis, without any pause for thought….

Back to reality though, and the celebration of today’s high-tech gadgetry and the whole industry of accessories that has grown up around them. Corporate iPad stands are now so common in many offices as Gen Ys and Milleniums sweep from smart phone to pc to tablet almost simultaneously.

If you don’t get it, you don’t get it! But for the rest of your business colleagues and your customers, welcome to the future!