Picture of Promotional Giveaway Plush ToysThat’s exactly what you could be doing at your next trade show or corporate event.

We’re not advocating throwing in the towel and liquidising all your assets into a “pie in the sky” dream of life on a sun kissed island – although that fantasy is appealing…let us see…. Hayman Island, Kangaroo Island, Bribie Island….Where were we?! Oh yes, giving to receive. By that we mean Promotional Giveaways as a means of spreading your brand and message far and wide. You won’t have to give up all you’ve worked for and take out a mortgage to exercise this nice little marketing technique.

We have a comprehensive range of low-cost, highly brandable items that are designed for mass production and distribution. they’re also usefull items like pens, rulers,calculators and keyrings to name but a few. This is means you can appear generous and thoughtful while all the time being incredibly ingenious and careful with your marketing dollar; spend low, buy in bulk and distribute liberally.

It’s another example of using promotional products wisely where you won’t break the bank but keep a roof over your head, although a beach-side cabana would be groovier.

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