Picking the right promotional item is always a tough choice – for many, it depends on the industry or the type of organisation they represent, where for other their promotional marketing campaign is based on events, conferences and gift bags to truly implant their brand name into the potential clients mind.

Raising brand awareness is a challenge for any company, and for any marketing department, but Promotion Products is here with a popular choice that is quick, easy, looks great and is proven to work across a number of industries to develop your brand and client relationships.

The ever popular HBC Cap is a highly sought after promotional item – crafted with you in mind, this excellent product has become highly sought after across Australia thanks to it’s many features and stylish design.


The HBC Cap



Manufactured from a high quality, heavy cotton build, with a fantastic level of attention to detail, this cap has been widely used from sporting days, event promotions and even as a company uniform thanks to its durable build and versatile design options. Built with a metal clasp for extra security, this product is a must have item for any company, industry or organisation.

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Nicholas Letts – Promotion Products Marketing Officer

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