Highlight Your Brand With Promotional Pencils

photograph of 4 promotional pencilsWhen it comes to office and desk gadgets, I love things that are quirky. Mostly, we’re presented with bulk standard promotional pens and pencils which have their place…but NOT on my desk. It’s a personal space that reflects my personality and love of new and different things.Take the fluro highlighter promotional pencils which are pictured here. Not only do you get the fluro qualities we all love to use in marking up documents and drafts, but you get a fine tipped writing experience – your notes will take on an air of exactitude and professionalism.

But hold on, what’s the point in considering a corporate or team gift of promotional pencils when we haven’t yet considered the big Elephant….the best bang per buck branding opportunity available to you!

Pencils are by their very purpose, universally acknowledged as a basic piece of office equipment – everyone knows what they are and how to use them, hence their universal adoption. It’s not often that you can be guaranteed of a 100% usage…and while your promotional pencils are getting a daily airing, your message will worm its way into your recipients conscience in a subtle, non-intrusive manner. You’ll be the good guy in every way!


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