Hospitality Clothing Comes to the Rescue

OK, We’re big Ricky Gervais fans and any chance to quote the man brings a wave of laughter to the Promotion Products office.

Actually, I’ll tell you why this hunk of spunk is having a laugh, it’s because his female boss has her head screwed on the right way. As a restaurant manager, it’s her responsibility to work with the Head Chef to run a professional kitchen and one of the fastest ways to help create a healthy team spirit is to dress the part.

It’s not just front of house staff who need to look unified and work together as an efficient team, it applies to the boys and girls who work in the Restaurant’s engine room too.

From personal experience working in a commercial kitchen, I can tell you that good quality, branded, hospitality clothing is appreciated by every staff member – food stains and cleaning grime can wreck clothing.

And, as to our laughing hyena himbo, we like to think he’s sharing a yarn about the steak that was “accidentally” dropped on the floor and then eaten by the rude man at table 6 (that’s a true story actually!).


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