Pens, bags, USBs, Drink Bottles… they’ve all been (and remain) some of the most effective and highly sought after promotional items available on the market today.

So how is it that you, as a savvy purchasing agent and marketer, can get ahead of the curve and make sure that you have the product that’s going to be the Next Big Thing to really maximize your profitability?

There are a few key things to consider, but two of the most important things to keep an eye on are:

The technology market. Due to the rapidly developing range of technological products that are available, new promotional material comes out every single day that helps our clients stay ahead and provides a genuinely useful and sought after product to their customers – a perfect example of this would be the new OTG USB Drives we have recently added. They’re a new concept integrated with an immensely popular product, making them a marketing slam-dunk.

Continuous Improvement: products that are classics are classics for a reason. Keep an eye on new trends on types of items such as drink bottles or bags, as more products are being released, the build quality increases and you are more able to match the product to your brand with a never-before-seen style.

So in essence, it requires some research on your part, and we are happy to help – simply contact us if you’re looking for something new and we can guide you through your product selection. But keep an eye on what is going to best suit your brand, that’s where the magic happens.

Nicholas Letts
Promotion Products – Marketing Manager

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