It Starts with Takeaway Cups

promo takeaway cupsSitting in a cafe observing life as new tyres are fitted to my car. I used to work in a restaurant/cafe/bar and picked up a few valuable life skills and tips along the way – like how to draw the perfect cup of tea, how to express a decent cup of coffee and how to negotiate with angry customers.

At 17, I thought I’d got it all sussed. But thereagain, we’re so full of ourselves back then, unaware that our knowledge base is only the tip of the iceberg! As we get older, we fill in the gaps, draw our own conclusions and generally profess to know less.

As I sit in this pleasant cafe though, I’m channelling my younger and older self to appraise their operation. Not for anything else but mental amusement to pass the time. Blame reality TV but we’re all now budding restaurantors and hoteliers.

The main observation is the lack of identity which is perhaps one of the most glaring oversights that cafe owners need to address. It’s a busy, competitive market being in hospitality and few get it right – when they do, their customers identify with the place and return again and again. Not with this little establishment – it’s empty apart from passing trade buying take away coffee…in the middle of lunch hour.

There’s little to clearly identify their food list and even less to sell the seating capacity for 30 people to sit out of the sun.

picture of an unbranded paper cupFor me though in the promotional products industry, I find small things like their takeaway cups are unbranded……and it doesn’t make sense to me. Printed coffee cups are essentially walking adverts held prominently at chest and head height that could easily indicate what you sell and where you are. “Coffee and Cake at Leos, 32 Baird St, Collingwood” would be a start.

This is something we can easily print on our paper coffee cups, serving up a low cost advertising solution for any progressive cafe/restaurant/bar.