With Summer just around the corner, Australians everywhere are starting to wake up out of winter hibernation, getting back to the gym to get that beach body and are looking out the window in anticipation of one of our hottest summers yet.

But even though summer is probably the favourite season of the year for most Australians, it also carries a few dangers such as sunburn and even skin cancer. So make sure you cover up properly with one of the most handy promotional marketing products around – branded Sunscreen!

Here at Promotion Products we have recently been developing a brand new range of Sun Creams to suit every need – all of these products are of the highest quality, with exceptional SPF ratings and Australian testing to ensure that you are able to go out to the beach, park or any event this summer without the fear of coming back looking like a lobster!

Carabiner Sunscreen 50ml SPF 50 Plus
Just one of our great options!

The sunscreen on offer comes in a number of different styles and looks, with some products featuring a carabiner attachment, as well as some with spray nozzles and some more classic designs.

So no matter where you find your fun this summer, make sure to stock up on some of Australias highest quality sunscreen option from us at Promotion Products, and gain a highly effective promotional marketing tool in the process!


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