Light up Your Cave with a Promotional Torches

picture of a promotional torchHanding someone a promotional torch solicits a similar response to putting up a “Wet Paint” sign on a park bench. Just as sticky fingerprints mark your paintwork, you’re pestered by shafts of light.

Why do we do that? What is it within that compels us to touch and tamper?   

I have a litle girl and more often than not, when asked NOT to touch something, she invariably does….there’s something in the hidden and unseen that drives her like moth to a flame – except that’s a completely dumb analogy.

Aside from that little quirk we all posess, torches hold a fascination for many of us dating way back to our childhood – you could even argue a Cave Allegory as we crane our necks towards the shadows cast on the back wall of a subterranean domicile. Light in all it’s forms is central to our existence, there’s no doubting or need to prove that, so when presented with a device which produces it at the flick of a switch or button, we snap out of our modern, comfortable existence and fixate on the wonder of man-made sun…

So, given the inate attractiveness of torches, what sets promotional torches apart from the rank and file available in hardware stores? Branding, price and variety. Not only can you slap your logo and number on all of our torches, bulk buying ensures the price is low. Don’t forget that Promotional Products is a maturing market and it’s a market that is insanely driven to create, recreate, reinvent, innovate, repurpose in order to provide inspired choices to its’ user base – take a look at our diverse range for proof of that.