Love at First Sight with Promotional First Aid Kits

image of a promotional first aid kit

It’s a little ironic that a First Aid Kit should be considered an integral part of your safety strategy, considering it’s there to patch up after the said injury…

That said, there is a requirement on all businesses to establish and maintain safety protocols and that should involve keeping a well stocked First Aid Kit.

These promotional kits are not only functional but stylish too, and when you start to add your brand details, you create a product with instant appeal. Whether your recipients keep  them in their office or take them home shouldn’t really matter. Promotional First Aid Kits aren’t paraded around like a promotional bag or cap….they come into their own in times of trouble and distress (well, wouldn’t you be distressed if you needed a bandage?! This writer and blood have a distant but essential relationship).

It’s those moments when you satisfy a need that your brand or company or organisation gets recognition for the part it plays.

What’s the magic formula for a love story? Oh yes, take a couple, force them into a position of jeopardy…and BADA BING!