First Impressions are of course, immensely important in business and how you present at that first face-to-face seeds a pattern of expectation.

Arrive looking tawdry, tired and tanked up from the night before will automatically convey you don’t give a brass razoo about the client or the meeting. You might as well, turn around and go straight home – stopping at a Milk Bar for some  breath freshening mints on the way.

Scenario B shows you dressed appropriately, looking relaxed but professional and “prepared” for any of your potential client’s questions. You’re SO together that you sport a  Branded Compendium showing your business logo and message – instantly communicating a commitment to your business and brand, perhaps just the sort of person to do business with!

The benefits don’t stop there….no, your Microfibre Compendium is actually very practical and a mini desk away from  the office with plenty of space for a Tablet or Notebook, writing paper and stationery. It’s where you’ll also have a stash of business cards and some branded pens to leave “casually” on your prospect’s table.

So, meet your clients’ expectations head on, and then some, with a branded Compendium!


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