Rebranding can be an incredibly stressful, busy time. So how can you ensure that you don’t get lost in the rush and still maintain the brand image you’ve fought to build?

Changing your brand, logo or message can have a huge impact on the awareness the target market has on your product, let alone the amount of time and investment it takes to fully complete such an arduous task. Therefore, planning is essential to ensure that you have the smoothest transition possible.

For us, that means helping you with your new promotional material ahead of time! While some notice is a good thing, by pre-planning ou your brand change you can ensure that you have the most time possible for your product, leading to a more consultative process with your artwork and order, and ensuing the lowest pricing possible.

By ensuring that you provide yourself with the most notice possible, it allows you to look at lower cost items but not sacrifice on quality, such as the Race Day Cooler Bag, and also ensures your artwork is of the best quality to make your whole process a success!

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products