What stock comfort do you reply on for refection and solace? Is it reading, food, family, pets? well, I do a lot of the above but I tend to absorb myself in Music. Take this weekend and the Parisian situation – a bleak, awful mess if ever there was one…and no amount of enforced positivity could bring joy to the days that followed.

Sometimes you see, it’s fine to be melancholy, it’s a necessary state of being when there is no clear path ahead. Part of the process I follow is listening to classical music and one of my old favourites is the 4th movement from Mahler’s 5th…

Now, as that music percolates around offices across Australia, let’s not get too morose and innerward focussed. Sure, it’s a pretty complex score and the underpinnings of Visconte’s 1971 film Death in Venice with Dirk Bogarde but it’s offers an anchor from which to take stock of what we have and what lies before us.

Getting a bit deep? Well, not as turbulent as the inner maschinations of Mahler’s life, I’ll tell you. He was a man who lived and breathed during the early days of European unsettlement as anti-semitic forces colluded with the right wing, ultimately culminating in Hitler’s terrorism across that continent and beyond. Nothing new here folks and the perfect justification to examine one man’s soul through his music. 100 years on and not much has changed.

We’ve all rocked up at work today but the world is a slightly stranger place this Monday. Tuesday will be better, Wednesday too and by next week, the reparation will continue.

Put the kettle on folks, this number rocks on for a few minutes yet.

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