Well, you’ve made it through yet another EOFY but how are you bearing up post celebration?! Our office discussions have centered on legendary past New Years including the much anticipated and feared Y2K! Do you remember we all sat clinging to our seats, clutching a celebratory beverage, bracing against the electronic maelstrom of chaos predicted by doomsday merchants the world over?! And…thankfully it amounted to nought.

The end of 13/14 brought no such dramas except the prospect of sitting down with an Accountant, shoebox of crumpled receipts in hand.

Looking ahead, what forward planning have you instigated to make 14/15 rewarding and productive? Organisation is key to success. In our office, we’re going to start work on the following to help alleviate post EOFY stress:

1. Plan work on our website, revisit its goals and find innovative ways to achieve them.

2. Set a marketing budget and assign monies to corporate gifts for clients and rewards for staff.

3. Stock the staff kitchen cupboard with decent coffee – a single cup of the hot brown stuff can increase mental acuity by 8%!

Here’s to a great New Financial Year!

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