Pique Polo Shirts – Green Clothing Shopping

photo of an Eco Polo ShirtIt seems everywhere we turn these days, we are bombarded with green messages and environmental arguments designed to shame us into lifting our game and protecting the planet. No issue there, it’s our responsibility to keep our own backyard clean, wherever you see the boundary line.

It’s just that since big business realised there was more money to be made in Eco than Wrecko, you are right to feel more than a little sceptical of their motives, methods and ethics. Afterall, business exists to make money, to maximise efficiencies, cut costs; to return the best bang per buck (for themselves). 

Look at how cars manufacturers are only now adopting fuel saving technologies that happen to be 20 years old…how the Australian building industry are only just creating energy sustainable homes in Australia, using techniques decades old in Europe and the USA…the list goes on and these changes are only now in effect because of consumer demand and therefore money for business investors.

If we didn’t have the internet or satellite TV, Australians would still be in the dark and business would continue to control the delayed release of products and services that help our environment.

We are, albeit restricted in our automotive and home choices, that’s all thanks to big business and politicians. What you can do as a small to medium business owner is exercise your might in buying eco friendly across the board, wherever and whenever you can.

We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you and now have a range of eco friendly clothing to kit out your staff or team, yet still have money in your budget for other essentials.

Take, for instance our branded Unisex Pique Polo Shirts  – while it’s not always possible to use material from 100% sustainable sources or use fairtrade labour, we measure the cost to the planet in CO2 for each shirt and offset each and every one of them. And starting from just over $11+GST each (and that’s embroidered with your logo too), they’re an easy way to clothe, brand and help the planet.






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