With the federal campaign now announced for the Australian Government, the roll out of slogans, catch-words and three-word-phrases comes to the fore. Are you prepared for the start of one of the longest elections in Australian history?

While the Liberal Party is now polling behind the Labor Party when it comes to the two party preferred numbers, Malcolm Turnbull still retains a commanding lead as preferred PM over Bill Shorten. So it seems as if the race is on.

During the next few weeks, we will see some of the most direct and hard-line marketing in the world come from both camps, as well as the myriad of smaller parties and independents competing for a seat. Whether you’re a hard-core supporter, and interested observer or a habitual donkey voter, you will be exposed to the branding of all players being ramped up to unseen levels.

And this provides us with a perfect view of two massive brands competing for market share.

As people responsible for marketing our businesses, it’s a fascinating process to watch two brands compete with an array of resources and a nearly bottomless pit of funds to take arguably the most impressive prize in Australian Politics – majority ruling in the house.

It is in this situation that we can observe the work of some of the brightest minds in our field. After all, with that prize, both major parties will be bringing the best to their side for support, master manipulators of public awareness and perception – altering and changing everything from the candidates policy to the Pen they use.

So over the next few months, observe the methods of the major parties and see if you can pick up any tricks or tips in how they show the best side of their brand.

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products